Friday 28 February 2014

10 Useful Websites For Those Interested In Electronics!

The widespread use of electronics in everything from mobile phones to refrigerators, is drawing more and more people to the field. 

Interested in learning more about electronics? Microprocessors, microcontrollers, electronic projects, circuits, whatever you're looking for, these websites will have it. Go ahead and check them out!

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1. Circuits for the Hobbyist

This website can be used for finding circuits and building your own projects. The website contains include high voltage projects, schematics diagrams, tutorials, schematics, tutorials and history about electronics circuits.

2. Electronics Club

This website is meant for those who want to learn about electronics and build their own projects, however simple. According to the website introduction, it has been written for beginners but is used by many other as a quick reference.

3. All About Circuits

This is a very useful website for getting textbooks on electronics and electricity online. It contains information for both hobbyists and students interested in the field. The textbooks have been written by Tony R. Kuphaldt and were released under the Design Science License.


How much time will it take you to go through over 30,000 electronics circuits and schematics? We’re guessing lots. You get a number of quickfire ways to deal with various problems that you may have related to electronics design and other helpful information.

5. Electro Schematics

Not quite as large a number as the one above, but this one still contains 1,400 electronics projects and circuits. You can find datasheets, photos and schematics that will help you learn how the projects work and how you can build them too. Found what you need yet?

6. ElectronicsZone

When it comes to electronics circuits, nothing improves your skills the way do-it-yourself projects do. This is a website where you will find help in this direction. From free electronic circuits to DIY projects, you will find them in various categories like robotics, audio, radio, computer hardware and many others.

7. Electronics Circuits

Want electronic circuits and projects, which are easy to build using the PCB layout? This is the website to go to. It is useful for both students and hobbyists.

8. Circuits Today

Circuits and projects along with schematic diagrams is the name of the game for this one. You can find them both in bulk.

9. Hobby

This is a resource for hobbyists, students,engineers and research and development personnel. You can find tutorials, projects, microprocessor tutorials and many other useful information related to electronics on this website.

10. Delabs

This one focuses on product design, instrumentation and automation. Delabs is a collection of tech blogs that revolve around various electoronics engineering technologies.


Annalisa Viviana said...

Marvelous posting and its all are important sites that I have checked and feel.It is useful for those who deals with the electronics equipments, electronic circuits makers as well as hobbyist.Thank you very much for helping us by such a tutorial post.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much annalisa for your comment... Its my job to make sure electronics is way of learning through fun and will keep posting updates like this... Once again thank you... Keep reading and keep supporting.... :-)