Tuesday 17 December 2013


Friends, now that we have seen of integrating Arduino uno R3 board to PC....And of a product which is in its R&D phase (I'm telling about the Visual Impaired Aid) in our previous Blog.

Yeah you got to admit ! the thing Arduino is no short of sophisticated equipment.....LOLZZZ :)

Well I'm not joking its true...Now in this Blog I'm going to show the Versatility of the piece of blue thing that you have in your hand (UNO) right....See for your self....and believe it or nottttt!!!!!


See I told ya!!!! Helluva achievement...guys its reality...No other DIY community have such purple patch to their credit. If you are Arduino fan you will cry out of joy LOLZ...SEE THE FULL VIDEO BEST PART AT = (6.35)

Stay Tuned Guys, DIY stuffs will be our next blog...Look into it and we are awaiting kind feedbacks to improve our Blog.  After all, we are DIYers aren't we??? Support us see ya.


Unknown said...

I'd purely tell you all “awesome information” here

Unknown said...

Thank you thomas... i will be updating every possible knowledge i get over web here and just love electronics and have fun learning n knowing it... Once again thank you for commenting and keep supporting as its blog one and only for you guyzz.zzzzz....