Sunday 29 December 2013



Friends, I told you about the Do it yourself stuffs....And here is the first edition of the release.
I have made a Ardu compatible board, it's just made out of simple components.  It's cost is also very less which is totally of 300 rupees.  Now in this blog I take the privilege of showing up the DIY stuff with pride. After seeing a lot of circuits and references and really a lot of hardwork I have succesfully made the board work. Well, if you are a enthusiast of Arduino then you can make the board in your leisure time sure it would be a great experience. In this blog im just going to show only the pictures and video. But after sometime I will give a brief explanation of the circuit. Because I just dont have a proper camera and assistance for coverage.

                                                                                                                                           Abrez ... :)

Front side of Ardu-compatible board

Rear side of the board with hand-made soldering


Simple LED blinking sketch program in ardu-compact board with LED and supply from arduino

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